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Marshall JMP Superlead Head + Park Cab (UK, 1973) - Vintage!

£2 499.00

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Name: Marshall JMP Superlead & Park 4x12 Cab


Model: Superlead Head + Park 4x12 Cab


Country of Origin: UK


D.O.B: Head - 1973 Cab - 1970's


Condition: Very Good


Additional info:  The Marshall Superlead has been a favorite amongst the greats since it was first launched back in 1965. Over the years, countless musicians have used the model including the likes of Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Johnson and Jimmy Page. This vintage 1973 model we have up for sale can be sold alone or with the 4 x 12" Park cab pictured in the photographs. This head is an orginal PTP wired model before the PCB models were introduced in July 1973. The head comes fully equipped with EL34 tubes and has been fully serviced before being put on sale. One of the great things about this head is it's simple layout - on the front panel there are clear controls for bass, middle & treble, presence and also has 4 inputs - 2 for each channel which are hi and lo inputs that are 6db difference from one another. 



The Park cab which can be sold together with the head (£2499) or separately (£699) is also in very good vintage condition . The speakers are  25 watt Celestion G12M Black Backs which are the holy grail of speakers and work amazingly with the Superlead to produce a fat rock sound!



Head Only- £1999

Cab Only - £699

Head + Cab - £2499

Fully Serviced!