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Marshall AS50R Acoustic Combo (China, 2004) - S/H


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Name: Marshall AS50R Acoustic Combo


Country of Origin: China


D.O.B: 2004


Condition: Good


Additional info:  This 50 Watt acoustic combo is compact and versatile enough that it could be a great option for a live player and/or use at home. The combo features 2 channels - acoustic and level, each with their own EQ controls and share a very nice sounding chorus and reverb. The 2 x 8" speakers deliver a well balanced and articulate sound which make it great for mic'ing up in a live setting. Other key features include anti-feedback control, FX loopeineout and DI out. The overall condition of the combo is very good however there are some minor marks/wear on the brown vinyl cover and handle. Before being put on sale the amp was also serviced here by our amp tech to ensure full functionality.


Only £199!