Cornford 4x12" Cab (Made in England, 2007) - S/HBizzy Bee Contact Mic - Brand New

Boss GE-215 EQ Rack Unit (Made in Japan, Modern) - S/H


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Boss GE-215 Graphic EQ Rack Unit


Country of Origin: Japan


D.O.B: Modern


Condition: Very Good


Additional info: An easy to use rack mounted EQ ideal for use with other rack mounted effects. With a wide scope of frequency bands to adjust, there is room for plenty of tweaks to your unique sound. Check down below for full list of specs.


Only £119




  • Input/Level Switch. +4dBm/-10dBm 
  • Input Impedance: 100kOhm 
  • Output Level +4dBm (+20dBm max)/-10dBm (+6dBm max) 
  • Output Impedance: 600Ohm 
  • Output Load Impedance: More than 10kOhm 
  • Residual Noise: Less than -96dBm (IHF-A, 
  • Level Control/Equalizer Control: flat. 
  • Level Switch: +4dBm) 
  • Variable Range: +/-15dB 
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, 0 +/- 1dB (Level Switch: +4dBm) 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.05% 
  • Dimensions: 480(W) x 44(H) x 225(D) mm 
  • Weight: 2.5 kg