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Ashdown NM2 Nate Mendel Drive


D.O.B: Modern


Condition: Very Good


Additional info:  Here's what Ashdown have to say about the NM2 - "Taking the signal from a bass, the NM2 splits internally to two Outputs. Each output provides the original signal (at the input level) plus their own individual mix of two separate and very different distortion types (one for each output). Because unaltered bass signal is fed from input to the output and the distortion effects are added to it, the resulting sound is always full and dynamic, with the effects adding rich overtones to the core sound of your bass. For use with a stereo rig, each output can be fed to a separate amplifier and the individually adjustable bass overdrive effects switched IN or OUT for Output 1, Output 2 or both together.
For use with a single amp, using the 1+2 switch means both effects can be routed to Output 2."


Only £65