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Harke HA3500 head + 115 Bass Cab (Korea) - S/H


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Name: Hartke Bass Head + Cab


Model: HA3500 (Head) + 115 (Cab)


Country of Origin:  Korea


D.O.B: Head - 2004. Cab - No visible serial number (Modern) 


Condition: Very Good


Additional info:  This Hartke bass head and cab really is excellent value for your money. The max power output of the head is 350W and can be switched down to 250W if needed - so it's super powerful and versatile! The user friendly front panel has controls for compression, 10 band EQ as well as rotary lo & hi pass filters. Built in is two switchable pre-amps, 1 solid state and 1 tube which give extra variety of tones. The 115 cabinet features 1 x Precision Hartke XL 15" aluminuim cone bass driver speaker which has a frequency response of around 30Hz-2.5kHz! The cab also features an output to connect to another speaker which could come in handy for live gigs etc.  Currently the head alone is available brand new with a RRP of around £340 without a cab making this second hand head + cab combo a bargain at just £399! A flightcase for the head is also included in the price!  


 Head Flight Case Included!