Full Setup & Re-String


Having your guitar Setup can make a world of difference to your guitar, making it easier to play and match your playing style. At Strung Out Guitars, we provide a range of Setup services for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars. Contact our Guitar Repair Workshop today for more info and to talk to one of our techs!



A Full Setup and Restring includes the following :


- Set action ( String Height ) and Neck relief

- Cut nut slots to correct height and width for string gauge

- Clean fingerboard and treat with Lemon Oil

- Polish and Burnish frets

- Check and clean/tighten machineheads for smooth operation

- Adjust intonation and string camber to fingerboard curve

- Set pickup heights to optimum position

- Check electronics and clean with contact cleaner

- Clean and Polish whole guitar

- Restring with choice of strings

- Stretch strings to aid tuning stability

- Tune to desired pitch