Full Setup


Through time, your guitar or bass frets will gradually wear down due to constant contact with the strings. Whether this wear is relatively even across all of the frets or in the form of grooves or pits in the fret, this wear causes loss of tone and sustain, and worse still, every guitarists nightmzare - Fret Buzz!


All guitars will buzz a little, this is normal, but when the buzz becomes overwhelming, there is only one thing to do to solve it - A Fretstone & Profile ( or Fret Dress as it is also known )


This process will likely be carried out several times throughout your guitar's lifetime. Factors such as string type and gauge, playing style and hardness of fretwire will affect how often this will need to be undertaken, but once the grooves appear on your frets, the wear process will continue rapidly unless it is removed with a Fretstone and Profile!


The process includes the following :


               Pro Setup  (Fretstone & Profile + Full Setup)

- Measure existing action and neck relief (as reference)

- Check for loose/uneven Frets and tap in as necessary

- Level all Frets until flat and even, removing wear and high frets

- Re-profile Frets to proper shape including fret ends

- Burnish Frets through several grades of abraisive papers and steel wool to a mirror finish

- Clean fingerboard and polish to high lustre. Treat with lemon oil


With the frets properly levelled and crowned, a Full Setup is then carried out, which includes the following :



                Full Setup & Restring

- Set action ( String Height ) and Truss Rod to correct Neck relief

- Cut nut slots to correct height and width for string gauge

- File down nut to prevent string ‘pinching’

- Check and clean/tighten machineheads for smooth operation

- Adjust intonation and string camber to fingerboard curve

- Set pickup heights to optimum position

- Check electronics and clean with contact cleaner

- Clean and Polish whole guitar

- Restring with choice of strings.

- Stretch strings to aid tuning stability

- Tune to desired pitch

- Final Checkover, Test and play!