Many players find restringing their guitars a bit of a fiddly procedure and worry about making adjustments to their guitar. At Strung Out Guitars we appreciate that not everyone wants to be their own guitar tech! Luckily for you its what we love to do!


Old Strings can dull the tone of your favourite instrument, cause tuning problems and even affect the intonation.


We Re-string most instruments at Strung Out Guitars, so no matter if you play Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitar we will be happy to help!


A Re-string at Strung Out Guitars Includes the following :



- Measure strings to ascertain correct gauge

- Remove old strings ( and keep if necessary )

- Clean fingerboard and treat with Lemon Oil

- Polish and burnish Frets to high sheen to remove scratches etc

- Check and tighten machineheads

- Supply and Fit new  set of strings

- Clean and Polish whole guitar

- Stretch strings to aid tuning stability

- Tune to desired pitch

- Final Checkover, Test and play!



A customer found this Satellite Les Paul style guitar unloved and unwanted so brought it to our Guitar Repair Workshop for a bit of attention. It just goes to show that a little bit of effort goes a long way - it's like a different guitar!



1 Satellite

This Satellite LP needs a thourough Clean up and Re-string

Satellite beforeYears of dirt built up on the finish - this will take a bit of time!


Dull frets make for dull tone. That fingerboard could use some lemon oil!


3 Clean bit

Progress! A Clean bit!

5 Satellite after

That's better! The finish is in surprisingly good condition after it's deep clean.

6 frets

Frets & Fingerboard Polished and new Strings - Done!






If you think your guitar would benefit from a bit of an overhaul or just a minor tweak or two, contact our Guitar Repair Workshop and we will be happy to help.