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Ormsby Hype GTR 8 String (Australia) - S/H

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Name: Ormsby Hype Electric Guitar


Model:  GTR 8 (8 String)


Country of Origin: Australia


D.O.B: Modern


Condition: Very Good


Additional info: Ormsby guitars began back on 2003-4 by their head luthier Perry Osmby and over the years have gained a reputation for building quality instruments. This 8 string GTR model comes in a Beto Blue finish and is in very good second hand condition with barely any wear/dents at all thanks to a careful owner.  The guitar features a modern deep carve set-neck that allowers unhindered access to all 24 fan fret stainless steel frets on the ebony fingerboard.  The neck is a balanced D shape with round shoulders that provides just the right feel and 'meat' to the neck and a perfect thumb resting position.  The guitar utilises Australian Custom Shop designed pickups that produce a variety of tones that allow your guitar, effects, and amp to function in unison and retain their individual characteristics. This guitar can go from the cleanest cleans to the heaviest of metals (or djents!) with plenty of tones in-between thanks to its coil-splitting options.  Perhaps the most important feature of this modern instrument, it uses our Multiscale design that was developed from the ground up over 10 years ago. Simply put, it improves the tonality, ergonomics, and overall playing experience of the guitar and can handle even the most unique tunings.  Other key features include custom designed hardware, multiscale bridge, locking tuners and O-Ring controls. Also included in the price is a hardcase!


Hardcase Included!