Starforce SGA 122C Practice Amp - S/HMarshall 1960b 4x12 Cab (UK, Modern) - S/H

Laney Lionheart L20 Head + Cab (China, 2014) - S/H


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Name: Laney Guitar Head + Cab


Model: Lionheart L20


Country of Origin: China


D.O.B: 2014


Condition: Very Good


Additional info: This second hand but very well kept Lionheart L20 Head with matching cab is just 4 years old with barely any wear and tear on the tolex or grille cloth. The head is a 20 Watt parallel, single ended, class 'A' all tube head which delivers a diverse range of open, dynamic, clean and crisp tones making it a great gigging companion. The head also features 2 channels, built in reverb, drive switch and EQ controls. The cab features a 1 x 12" Celestion H30 speaker - which outputs a very stong bottom end and powerful mids. Also included in the price is a cover and footswitch!


With Footswitch & Cover!

WAS £549 - NOW ONLY £449!