TLocked Down (again!)
Saturday 26th December 2020
Hopefully we will reopen in 3 weeks if we can!



We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your support and encouragement over the last 17+ years – but in particular this last week which has been extremely challenging to say the least! 


The Team at Strung Out Guitars have been completely overwhelmed by the incredible response from every customer, business, police officer, trades person and individual who has helped in the effort to get the stolen guitars back and spread the word, and also for the kind words offered at this difficult time.


Police Scotland have and are working extremely hard to find the people responsible and hinder their efforts to sell them on. We have had the help of an incredible team of people who have worked hard (at all hours!) to secure our shop again.


We will be forever grateful to all the trades people who contributed. 


At Strung Out Guitars, we take nothing for granted and can’t stress enough how determined we are to keep doing what we do! You have all made that possible and we greatly look forward to the next chapter!


Paula, Louise and the Team at Strung Out Guitars!

Incident at our shop (12/12/2020)

Hello Everybody


As most of you all know, we had a major break in on Saturday night - at approx 11pm - the robbers came in through our steel reinforced upper railway arch and got away with 12 guitars from our stock that were on show. 

ALL GUITARS IN FOR REPAIR ARE OK! And rest assured, we are fully insured and the customers who lost a guitar in this incident will get every penny of money that is owed to them as soon as humanly possible!


They didn't access any other part of the shop or workshop - they didn't have time - our alarm was blaring.

The police were so quick to respond and attended 10 mins after the alarm triggered and we were here ourselves 5 mins after that - we must have 'just' missed them.

The robbers have gotten away along our roof and up on to the railway line - we have just confirmed from Network Rail CCTV - and they have headed up a ladder onto the railway line above Mono the pub - we don't know where they came off the line yet, but the police are doing their damnedest to trace them!!

There has been a 'team' of them to achieve this and this was highly planned and well organised - 'organised crime' you could say - this wasn't an opportunistic robbery! The guitars they took are expensive but rare and going to be very hard to sell and hopefully easily spotted!


Please be re-assured we have secured the shop again and today are getting more reinforcement work done with the help of Network Rail and will be even more fortified than before - the police had said that our security is top notch as it is and there was nothing more we could have done but we are determined to reinforce everything and get them at every turn.

Although this is very difficult and we are still in shock with what has happened we are a strong team and we are going to do everything we can to get through this - we won't let them win!


If anyone who reads this has any information or anything you think may be relevant please get in touch via phone or email - thank you so much all for your messages of support - we are soooo appreciative!


Please could you share this list and hopefully social media will do its job! All the pictures of the stolen guitars are on this website!


If you have any info the best way to contact us is email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone us on 0141 552 4848

or please contact the police on 101 and quote Crime Reference Number AB01841220

Saturday, December 12 2020.


Take Care and look after yourselves and thank you all again for your support


1. Fender No Caster Telecaster – USA Custom Shop Relic (2017) Butterscotch Finish (£2499)

(Shop Ref : A3318) Serial # R17644

2. Suhr Modern Pro (USA, 2017) Trans Denim Blue, Maple Neck & Fingerboard (£2499)

(Shop Ref : A3315) Serial # JS7H8W

3. Echopark Kentucky Clarence Rose USA 2013 White Victorian Rose Finish Maple Neck (£2899)

(Shop Ref : A3258/11) Serial # CK12-001

4. PRS Custom 22 Semi Hollow Ltd Edition 1 of 300 Made (USA 2010) Black Cherry Finish (£2599)

(Shop Ref : A3258/5) Serial # 162801

5. Gibson Custom Shop 356 (USA 2008) Black aged finish Gold Hardware & Bigsby Vibrola (£2999)

Shop Ref : A3213) Serial # CS (8) 3381 : 2008

6. Suhr Classic T Antique Korina (USA 2012) Tele Style Aged Finish Pau Ferro Fingerboard (£2299)

(Shop Ref : A3161) Serial # 17378

7. Hofner Violin Bass 500/1 – 20/40 Anniversary 1 of 400 (1995/96) Sunburst Finish (£1999)

(Shop Ref : A3299) Serial # 2040307

 8. Fender Nashville Telecaster (Mexico 2018) Fiesta Red Finish, Noiseless Pickups

(Shop Ref A3225/A(1)  Serial # MN0199698                               

9. NK Forster Model C (England 2006) Spruce Top Indian Rosewood Back & Sides Serial N/A ? £3499

(Shop Ref : A) Serial # 20/3

10. NK Forster GHO One off / Super Rare How Orme Neck Joint (England 2013) Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides, Spruce Top (£3999)

(Shop Ref : A ) Serial # 20/3

11. Santa Cruz Tony Rice Model (USA 1994) European Spruce Top Indian Rosewood Back & Sides Signed By Tony Rice on label (£3999)

(Shop Ref : A3270/2 ) Serial # 1213R

12. L’Arivee OM-09 Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides (Canada 1993) Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

(Shop Ref : A3187) Serial # 0913359



For more info, contact the shop on 0141 552 4848 or email us at
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