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Fender Hot Rod Deville Mark II Combo (Mex, Early 2000's) - S/H


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Name: Fender Guitar Combo


Model: Hot Rod Deville Mark II


Country of Origin: Mexico


D.O.B: Early 2000's


Condition: Very Good


Additional info:  The Fender Deville series has been in production since 1996 and has seen many variations over the past 20+ years. This 2 x 12", 60 Watt, all valve Hot Rod Deville Mark II model that we have up for sale from the early 2000's is still in very good second hand condition and are still in production. The combo features two channels - normal and drive, built in spring reverb and controls for bass, middle + treble. There is also a "more drive" switch and presence control. Valve wise, we have 3 x 12AX7 and 2 x 6L6's  - -the amp has been fully checked over before being put on sale and typically, a new one will set you back from £900 making this fully serviced second hand one a lot more affordable at just £549! Also included in the sale is the amp original footswitch and cover!


With Footswitch & Cover!