Marshall Lead 12 Combo (England, 1990) - S/HRickenbacker 381 Jetglo (USA, 1989) - Vintage!

Fender Champion 110 (Mexico) - S/H


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Name: Fender Guitar Combo


Model: Champion 110


Country of Origin: Mexico


D.O.B: Modern


Condition: Good


Additional info: The Fender Champion 10 is now a discontinued model and seem to be hard to come by second hand. This model that we have is in very good condition and has likely been a home practice amp by the previous owner. At 75W this compact little combo can really be pushed and could even be used in a small gig venue as well as use as home - handy features include lightweight construction, built-in reverb, external speaker output and headphone input. Overall a great sounding wee amp at a very affordable price! We have also just serviced the amp here at Strung Out Guitars!


Mexican Made Fender Combo!