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Name: Yamaha Multitrack MD Recorder


Model: MD8


D.O.B: 2000's


Condition: Good


Additional info:  The Yamaha MD8 is a multi track recorder that is ideal for demos, practice sessions or even using live.

MIXER: It features 8 mono inputs, 2 stereo inputs and four groups. 

• Input channels 1 through 8 feature phone jack MIC/LINE inputs and continuously variable GAIN controls, which can handle both microphone and line-level signals with ease.

• Input channels 1 and 2 also have XLR-type inputs, switchable +48 V phantom powering (for use with condenser microphones), and inserts for patching external processors.

• Musical three-band EQ (High, Mid, Low) with sweepable mid on input channels 1 through 8 offers flexible tone-shaping capabilities.

• Two AUX Sends for use with external effects processors.

• Dedicated Cue level and pan controls on input channels 1 through 8 mean that cue signals can be monitored in stereo or used as additional inputs.

• Channel FLIP switches flip the channel and cue signal source between MIC/LINE input (recording) and disc track (mixdown).

• The CUE MIX TO STEREO switch provides eight extra sources in addition to the eight tracks for a total of 20 inputs during mixdown.

• 2TR IN connection for confidence monitoring and playback with a master recorder.

• Flexible monitoring of group, CUE, stereo bus, or 2TR IN.

• Track direct outputs for connection to another mixer.


RECORDER: The recorder section features an 8-track recorder based on the MD DATA audio format, which has several advantages over tape-based multitrackers. With a tape-based recorder, for example, you have to keep at least one track free for ping-pong. With the MD8, however, you can record on all eight tracks and then ping-pong (i.e., eight-track playback with ping-pong). This is because the MD8 can simultaneously play and record on the same track, providing greater creative freedom when planing tracks. Although the MD8 uses a 4-group mixer, up to eight tracks can be recorded simultaneously by assigning the input channel signals directly to the tracks.

• Four recording modes: MONO, 2TR, 4TR, and 8TR.

• Recording times of 18 minutes for 8TR, 37 minutes for 4TR, 74 minutes for 2TR, and 148 minutes for MONO.

• Mono or 2-track recording and playback with regular audio MiniDiscs.

• Ping-pong even when all eight tracks have been recorded.

• Superior sound quality and negligible sound degradation after repeated overdubs and ping-pong operations.

• Zero wow and flutter and pitch fluctuation.


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