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Fractal AXE-FX II Preamp/FX Processor & MFC101 Mark III Midi Foo

£1 499.00

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Name :  Fractal Audio Systems Preamp/FX Processor & Midi Footcontroller


Model :  AXE-FX II & MFC101 Mark III


Country of Origin: USA


D.O.B: 2011 & 2010


Condition: Very Good


Additional Info:  The Fractal AXE-FX II is a rackmounted Preamp & FX Processing unit for guitar amplification, modeling and effects. This second version improves upon the first by adding more presets, providing better sound and even more flexibility than before! Two state-of-the-art Analog Devices TigerSHARC DSPs are onboard, one dedicated solely to amp modeling, the other for effects. This AXE-FX II unit was made in the USA in 2011 and is no longer available to buy new. The AXE-FX units generally come with a rather daunting price tag, however, here at Strung Out Guitars you have no need to fret! It also includes a high spec midi foot controller with its own case, a moulded rack case and original leads - what more can you ask for?! 


Preamp & FX Processor & Midi Footcontroller!