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Name :  Yamaha Power Amp


Model :  P4050


Country of Origin: Japan


Condition: Very Good


Additional Info:  The Yamaha P4050 Power Amp is power amplifier that offers three output modes: 2 channel, 3 channel and 4 channel. In 2 channel mode it is 140Wx2 (8 Ohm loads), in 3 channel mode it is 140W (8 Ohm  loads) + 50Wx2 (8 Ohm loads), and in 4 channel mode it is 50Wx4 (8 Ohm loads). On the front panel you find the power switch and indicator, a thermal indicator, a protection indicator and an automatic fan that provides a variable cooling rate. On the back you can find various input terminals and input connectors, an input mode switch, an output mode switch, speaker terminals and a GND terminal. 


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