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APC PowerStack 450 - S/H


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Name :  APC PowerStack Uninterruptible Power Stack


Model :  450


Condition: Very Good


Additional Info:  The APC PowerStack 450 is a 100V uninterruptible power stack, or UPS, which is designed to prevent blackouts, brownouts, sags and surges from reaching your electronic equipment. The 450 UPS also filters out small utility line fluctuations and will isolate your equipment from large disturbances. This is done by internally disconnecting from the utility line while supplying power from its internal batteries until the utility line returns to safe levels. There will be a periodic alarm sound (periodic beeps) while the unit runs on battery. 

The batteries are replaceable on this unit however as battery is not its main power source these shouldn't need to be replaced too often. The manual for these units is readily available online so you'll never be left with questions when setting up this unit. This unit is 1U rack mounted.


Uniterruptible Power Stack!