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Boss BF-2 Flanger - SOLD


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Name: Boss Flanger Pedal


Model: BF-2


Country of Origin: Taiwan


D.O.B: 1990-1994


Condition: Good


Additional info:  The Boss BF-2 Flanger was made in Taiwan from 1990 onwards and has retained close to the original circuitry since the start of its life in 1980. It is one of the most commonly used Flanger pedals and was a replacement for the large casing of the BF-1 prior to 1980. This unit brings warm tones and a few different flanger varieties to play around with. Some people use it as a boost as well so lots can be explored with this little pedal! The BF-2 is no longer in production so if you're on the hunt for one then pop in and give this a try! This one comes with the original box included.


1990's Flanger! SOLD