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Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret - S/H


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Name: Catalinbread Super Bass/Super Lead Emulator Pedal


Model: Dirty Little Secret


DOB: Modern


Country of Origin: Hand-built in Portland, Oregon


Condition: Very Good


Additional info: The Dirty Little Secret by Catalinbread is ideal for those trying to nail that Marshall amp tone without the cost! This pedal will transform your tone and emulate that british-stack sound in a much more portable and affordable manner. The Dirty Little Secret is designed to be the cornerstone of your pedal board, embellish its strong foundation with fuzz, filters, boosts or whatever you fancy! This pedal appears to have regular controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Master & Preamp. The internal slider switch, or mode switch, which is accessed by unscrewing and removing the bottom plate allows you to select between the two main voices of this pedal. The switch is located in the top corner of the pedal and is best moved with a flat head screw driver. This allows you to choose between the Super Bass and the Super Lead circuitry. These two different modes are what alter the configuration of the Treble, Middle & Bass knobs, depending on what mode you're in the controls will behave just as they would on the amplifier so seasoned Marshall players will feel right at home!

This is a very in depth, great value-for-money pedal that will serve those who have a Marshall stack and can't carry it to every gig as well as serving those who wish they had one!


Classic Marshall Tone!