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Name: Maxon Analog Delay Pedal


Model: AD9Pro


Country of Origin: Japan


Condition: Good


Additional info: The AD9Pro is another great example of hard-to-find vintage style effects pedals! Designed with four custom-made Maxon bucket brigade IC's this analog delay provides you with up to 450 milliseconds of fat, warm analog delay. Maxon specialise in noise reduction circuits which significantly reeduce the amount of clock noise, aliasing and distortion commonly found in analog delays.The pedal is capable of self-oscillation, multi-tap switching, polyrhythmic repeats and ambient reverb! The dual output available with this pedal means you can route the dry and delayed signals to two different amps and mixer channels - a great option to have! A 9V battery or a 9V power supply will power this pedal.


Excellent Analog Delay!