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MXR Micro Amp + Custom Shop CSP233 S/H


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MXR CSP233 Micro Amp + Custom Shop


Made in USA


Excellent Condition 


Additional Info:  The MXR Micro Amp has been a popular choice with guitarist since its inception in the 1970s - until now has remained the same. But now thatnks to the MXR Custom Shop we have the new and improved MXR Micro Amp + ! With the addition of Bass and Treble controls, it still has the same great sound but now with... well more! Boost or cut the bass, turn the treble up for classic Treble Booster tones , or set it all half way and enjoy the extra punch and volume . A really excellent Boost pedal with top quality audio grade components! With original box.


MXR CSP233 Custom Shop Micro Amp Plus!