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Name: Mesa Boogie Tube Preamp Pedal


Model: V-Twin 


D.O.B: 1993-2005


Condition: Very Good


Additional info:  This Mesa Boogie All-Tube Preamp pedal was hand crafted in Petaluma, California. These pedals were part of a run which was only produced between 1993 and 2005 so there are only so many out there that people are willing to part with! It has 2 channels and 3 modes: clean, blues & solo. Controls include gain, master, bass, mid, treble and presence. Other features this pedal has are a bypass switch, a clean gain adjustment control and a record/headphone out. It's a cracking piece of gear for fans of the Mesa Boogie tone! It also comes with a pedal hard case and a power supply included which makes it ideal for those who would like to travel with this pedal.


Powerful Preamp Pedal!