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Chandler TD-1 Tube Driver - Vintage


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Name: Chandler Tube Driver


Model: TD-1


D.O.B: 1988


Condition: Good but gigged


Additional info:  The Tube Driver is an overdrive/boost pedal with an IC and vacuum driven preamp circuit inside. It was designed by B.K.Butler in the 1970's and there have been many different versions made over the 1980's. This one is by Chandler from 1988 after parting ways from the company Butler. This pedal can generate anything from a smooth, light overdrive tone, to a classic rock-style heavy distortion. At high gain, it is very reminiscent of the lead crunch tone of a Marshall JCM800 amplifier. At low drive it can deliver a Fenderish smooth gain boost or a bluesy overdrive. It tends to work best with clean amplifiers that have a decent mid range; for example the Hiwatt Custom 50, Hiwatt Custom 100 DR103, Fender Bassman or the Marshall JTM-45 would sound great with it. 


Vintage Overdrive/Boost!